How To Add Links For Instagram Story

Recently, Instagram has expanded and added a feature where users can add links to a story.

This link can be both internal and external links. By this, we mean links to your Instagram page or external website.

Regardless of the link, adding links to Instagram stories is a great way to drive traffic to either your page or website.

In this article, you will learn in detail how to add links for Instagram story.

How to Add Links To Your Instagram Story

Adding links to your Instagram story is a pretty easy thing to do. To do this, you will use the link sticker to add a link to your Instagram story. When people tap on the sticker, they’ll be redirected to the URL.

Previously, there was a 10,000 minimum follower tag before you can add link stickers on Instagram. However, this minimum ban has been lifted. Everyone can use Instagram link stickers.

To add a Link sticker, you will follow the steps below:

  • Capture or upload content to your story
  • Select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar
  • Tap the “Link” sticker to add your desired link and tap “Done”
  • Place the sticker on your story

Having a unique username is one way to sell your Instagram account and story. Here are 30 Unique Instagram Username Ideas For Inspiration.

Capture or upload content to your story

  • In the Instagram app, tap the plus sign.
  • Select Story rather than Post, Reel, or Live.
  • Create a Story using all the media you have available.

Select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar

Tap the Sticker icon in the top row.

Tap the “Link” sticker to add your desired link and tap “Done”

  • After this, type in the URL.
  • Type in the sticker’s text, for example, Tap to read, see full video

Place the sticker on your story

  • Place the sticker on your Story
  • Pinch to resize it
  • Tap the story to use background colors from the available color schemes. There are blue, black, white, beige colors.
  • Then send it to your Story, and you’re done!

What is the Instagram link sticker?

The Instagram link sticker is a feature that replaced the swipe-up feature, which allows users to add an external link to their Instagram Story.

Using a story link sticker is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to external content and products on Instagram. You can also track link taps with Instagram analytics.

According to Instagram, there are three main advantages of link stickers, and they include;

  • Stickers allow for more creativity over how a story appears.
  • Stickers are quite popular, people use them for music, polls, questions, locations, etc.
  • They allow viewers to engage with a Story with replies and reactions

How to customize your Instagram link sticker design

If you have a custom design for your brand, the Instagram link stickers allow customization. You can do that by following just simple steps.

Here’s how to customize your Instagram Story link sticker design:

  1. Create your Instagram Story and add a link sticker as described above.
  2. Go to the design app of your choice.
  3. Design a sticker that is pleasing, with a clear Call To Action. This can be “Read more” or “Tap here!”
  4. Export it to your phone as a PNG file with a transparent background.
  5. Go back to your Instagram Story draft, and add your custom sticker from your phone’s photo album or files
  6. Place the custom sticker directly over your link sticker

Wala! And that’s it! Even with this, people will still be able to click/tap through.

How to Drive More Traffic from Instagram Stories with Link Stickers

If you really want to drive traffic from stories, it’s important to add a clear call to action. 

This could be a verbal call out, some on-screen text, an animated GIF, or all of the above.

Therefore, prompting your followers to follow links can boost your clicks and sales on Instagram.

Other ways to drive traffic to your website from Instagram

Links on Instagram can be helpful both for relationships and conversions. If you do not like the idea of link stickers, here are some alternatives;

Link in bio

Many users already do this. So, add a call to action and a link in the bio section of your Instagram profile.

You can use a specific long link or use link shorteners for customization.

You can also use tools that allow you to host multiple links on one landing page. It’s called an Instagram link tree and it’s very easy to make.

Just remember to say “link in bio” in your caption when you make a post.

This is an alternative on how to add links for Instagram story.

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Use your DMs

When you make a story, tell your users that they can send a direct message for a link.

This is an easy yet effective way to build a relationship with your audience since it might feel even more personal when they receive the link directly from you.

Alternatively, you can use a DM Me sticker that allows them to get in touch with one tap.

Create a poll

You can create a poll with content that asks people if they want to be sent the link. All you have to do is check who said ‘yes’ to your poll and you can follow up with a link sent via direct message in the Instagram app.

This is an alternative on how to add links for Instagram story.

FAQ on How to Add Links for Instagram Story

How can I add Instagram link sticker to a story?

Here’s how to add a link sticker to your Instagram Story.
In the Instagram app, tap the plus sign
Select Story 
Create your Story using all the gorgeous media you have at your disposal.
Tap the Sticker icon in the top row. Type in the URL
Type in the sticker’s text or call to action (eg., Tap to read)
Place the sticker on your Story
Pinch to resize it
Tap to shuffle through the available colors
Then send it to your Story, and you’re done!

How to customize your Instagram link sticker design

Create your Instagram Story and add a link sticker as described above.
Go to the design app of your choice.
Design a sticker that is pleasing, with a clear Call To Action. This can be “Read more” or “Tap here!”
Export it to your phone as a PNG file with a transparent background.
Go back to your Instagram Story draft, and add your custom sticker from your phone’s photo album or files
Place the custom sticker directly over your link sticker



30 Unique Instagram Username Ideas For Inspiration

username ideas for instagram

Instagram is used by different people for different purposes. Whatever use you want your Instagram page to serve, just make the most out of it by choosing the right username. Most people don’t know how to and that is why we’d be looking at some of the best username ideas for Instagram.

Making your page unique will give it the visibility that is, and will only be synonymous with your moniker, leaving a wide berth between you and competitors, especially if the page is for your brand.

However, even if your page is for your personal amusement or just where you link up with your friends, it’s worth putting in a little work and getting the best possible username.

So stick with me as we explore some of the best username ideas for Instagram. We will also answer some of you’d have, like…

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Why Your Instagram Username Is Important?

It’s simple: your Instagram username is significant because Instagram is significant. In fact, for businesses and brands, Instagram is perhaps the most significant social media network. This is our reason for saying so.

Instagram has one billion monthly active users, with 90% of those users following at least one business or brand. That means at least 900 million Instagram users connect with brands and businesses on a monthly basis… and we haven’t even discussed Instagram ads!

These Instagram users will find your posts in their timelines, search for your account, and share your material with friends using the username associated with your Instagram account.

Additionally, the first impression people get when they see your page matters and stays with them forever. It is this first impression that will determine to a large extent if they will stick with your page or not.

These Instagram users will find your posts in their timelines, search for your account, and share your material with friends using the username associated with your Instagram account.

Furthermore, it will be many people’s first impression of your account, and it will be closely linked to your business or brand as a whole.

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How To Know A Good Instagram Username

Here are a few things that make your Instagram username good enough:

  • Relevant: Your username must be something that is easily attributed to your brand. It should speak your brand!!
  • Special: It should be special, and not just because Instagram requires it, but because it makes you different. However, this is also important because unique usernames are easier to remember.

Harmonious: Your username should fit in with your brand’s image, persona, copy, content… whatever it is you produce. If your brand is known for being serious, it’s probably best if you skip the funny username.

Instagram Username Ideas

First and foremost, what is the purpose of your profile? Is it to socialize with friends, or are you trying to start a small business? What kind of Instagram username and ideas you should pick will most likely be determined by the aim of your account.

If you just want to use Instagram to communicate with your friends and family, for example, you should choose a username that includes your name. You’ll want your brand to appear someplace if you’re a small firm.

How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story

Ideas For Instagram Usernames

If you’re creating an Instagram personal profile, the best place to begin is with your name. This will make it easy for people to find you when they search for you.

Nevertheless, it’s not always as simple as typing @FranSmalls and calling it a day. If you’re new to Instagram, your whole name is very certainly already taken, so you definitely have to do more than that.

Below are some of the ways you can ensure your username is unique.

  1. Add any middle initials you might have like @FrandSmalls
  2. Use of special characters like @Frank_Smalls
  3. Go old-school, attach a number at the end of your handle, like @FrankSmalls76
  4. If you have a nickname, use it. Example: @FrankieSmalls
  5. You can swap some letters around like @SmallsFrank
  6. You can use words that rhyme with your name like @FrankSmallBalls
  7. If you have a favorite flower, pet, or color? You can add it to your username like @PurpleSmalls
  8. Speak another language? Pick a word you like in a different language that means something significant, or you feel represents who you are, and use this as part of your handle

In the same vane, your brand page should also be your brand name. It should be sweet and interesting, yet very compelling and professional.

While you want to capture people’s attention with your username, you also don’t want them to think you’re unserious. You can achieve this with the right username, therefore think seriously about it, and ensure your brand name can fit into it.

Fitting your brand name makes it easy for people to find you through search. However, it’s possible that your brand name has been, in this case, you will have to be more creative.

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What To Do If Your Business Name Is Taken

If your business name has already been chosen, do not fret, It’s a problem a lot of people face while setting up an account. However, there are ways around it, and we will show you!!.

Here are some username ideas to make your brand Instagram page unique according to

  • Add your location at the end of the brand name. This allows locals to easily recognize your account (e.g., @plantshopedinburgh).
  • Add elements that are unique to your brand. If your store is located at 5 Drummond Street, you might make your name @5DrummondPlantShop.
  • Add keywords. By adding search terms that connect your business to the industry you operate in, you’ll be increasing your reach on Instagram (e.g., @gardenersinedinburgh).
  • Incorporate related terms or concepts. This will help increase the likelihood that your username will be available while making sure it stays relevant to the products or services you provide (e.g., @plantshopgardencenter).
  • Add prefixes or suffixes. Adding a prefix or suffix to your business name is a great way to get a username that’s pretty close, even if someone has already claimed your exact name (e.g., @theplantshop or @plantshopofficial).

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30 Unique Instagram Username Ideas For Inspiration

Below are some of the best Instagram username ideas for brands:

  1. @metaphorsolutions
  2. @brunotasmania
  3. @houseoffiberglass
  4. @indooremployment
  5. @cartoonshore
  6. @airwaystream
  7. @rosadba
  8. @alfatonight
  9. @notabrand
  10. @imperialchandelier
  11. @toolwarehouse
  12. @holdsalice
  13. @missagreeing
  14. @brandpasta
  15. @iconicolas

Here are some of the best Instagram username ideas:

  1. @eatingaroundtheworld
  2. @julesontour
  3. @pinchofsalt
  4. @weworewhat
  5. @lustforlife
  6. @secretsofacontentmanager
  7. @wineandwhine
  8. @themummydiaries
  9. @soyouwanttotalkabout
  10. @candidcaptures
  11. @lifeofasocialmediamanager
  12. @doyouevenlift
  13. @whatsthetea
  14. @influencersinthewild
  15. @theressomethingaboutmary


The right username will give you the visibility you need for people to see and share your content on Instagram. If it’s for your brand, it’s important you choose something people can relate to easily and something they can remember.

The same applies to your personal pages. If you choose the right username, you have solved some of the issues most Instagram users face and are on your way to optimal visibility.

We hope this article was helpful in helping you decide what your next Instagram name would be. Good luck!!



7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work For Business Growth

strategies for digital marketing

People’s dwell time on the internet is growing increasingly. Hence, the marketing dollars have found solace in that area. If you want to develop your business, now is a good time as there are many digital marketing strategies that would work for your business.

All you need to do is come up with the best of all strategies and stay relevant to your audience. Remember that a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy cuts down on waste, focuses your efforts, and builds on what is currently working.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a plan that is put in place to determine specific marketing objectives. For any new-age business to blossom, a good digital marketing strategy ought to be put in place and developed.

As a result of mapping out good strategies, organizations reach a vast number of clients across a plethora of channels with a revenue increase and improved conversion rates.

Therefore, a comprehensive marketing strategy would outline attainable objectives for both traditional and digital marketing channels.

Why is it Important to have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

For your business to achieve its important objectives and goals, it is important to have a sensible and competitive plan.

Digital marketing platforms have become indispensable as a result of the rise in the use of technology. Hence, businesses have come up with a suitable strategy to reach their consumers.

So, you must have an online presence across all digital channels to stay competitive. However, offline channels shouldn’t be completely erased as a better way to satisfy your customers’ needs is to stay active on both the analog and digital features.

So, you must invest in a digital marketing plan if you wish to invest in digital marketing.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you want to know the easy steps to creating an awesome strategy, read through the steps below.

#1. Define Your Brand

Use your brand standards to describe your brand and how it will be reflected in your online advertising.

Consider your unique selling points, brand voice, and value proposition.

#2. Develop Buyer Personas

With bespoke buyer personas, you can figure out who your business wants to contact. Also, consider the demographics of your target audience and factors that lead them to choose your firm, products, and services.

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#3. Make Your SMART Objectives

To guide your plan, set specified, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. Consider both your short- and long-term growth objectives.

#4. Select Your Digital Marketing Approaches

Choose the finest digital marketing strategy for your business and concentrate on techniques that will add the most value to your company.

#5. Set a Budget for Digital Marketing

To create a realistic budget, carry out research for digital marketing pricing. Most firms spend between $2,500 and $12,000 every month on web marketing.

#6. Plan Out Your Approach

By planning your strategy, you can ensure its success. If you’re advertising, determine your ad expenditure. Create a content calendar for all publishing works that you do.

#7. Launch Your Campaigns

Once you’ve finished preparing, you can go ahead and launch your campaigns across all channels. Make sure that these channels have the necessary tracking information.

#8. Monitor Your Progress

Track the performance of your strategies to monitor and measure their effectiveness. To keep track of your digital marketing strategy and return on investment, use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work For Business Growth

#1. Search Engine Optimization

This is about one o the most effective digital marketing strategy used. It involves optimizing your website so that it appears high in search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases.

SEO seeks to increase website traffic from members of your target audience. And, it does so regardless of where they are in the buying process. The reason for this is that practically every user uses a search engine to start their search for a new product or service. Hence, an effective business strategy.

#2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is another powerful digital marketing strategy that relies on an auction-based system. With PPC, you bid on terms for which you want your ad to appear and it does so when a user searches for that keyword.

These ads display above organic listings at the top of search results. Once a user clicks on your ad, you are charged for that click.

Many businesses use this digital marketing strategy to gain a rapid boost. And, it elevates your website to the top of search results. This is beneficial if your company’s organic search result rating is several pages behind.

#3. Content Marketing

Another popular digital marketing strategy is content marketing. It focuses on using content to reach, engage, and connect with customers. Users benefit from this content which includes videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.

However, it is rather informational than sales. As a digital marketing strategy, the main purpose of content marketing is to deliver meaningful material to your target audience, increase traffic, and produce conversions.

#4. Email Marketing

As a digital marketing strategy, email marketing is a great way to raise brand awareness, keep your business in front of customers’ minds, and encourage repeat purchases.

Essential aspects of email marketing are developing and refining your campaigns as well as expanding your audience.

Like content marketing, email marketing relies on supplying consumers with useful information. Otherwise, they would unsubscribe.

#5. Social Media Marketing

The goal of social media marketing is to raise brand recognition and increase conversions. The following are some of the most widely used platforms for this digital marketing strategy:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

With less than 30% of firms adopting social media as a marketing tactic, those that invest in it have a huge advantage.

#6. Voice Search Optimization

One of the newest Internet marketing tactics for businesses is voice search optimization. Your business improves existing and new website content for voice search using voice search optimization.

The goal is to achieve the highlighted snippet or position zero in Google search results for your website.

#7. Video Marketing

Another digital marketing strategy for businesses is video marketing. Focusing on raising brand awareness, conversion rates, and income for the company, video marketing provides users with valuable and high-quality content.

Like voice search optimization, it appeals to current user behaviors.



There, you have the 7 digital marketing strategies that could make your business grow in 2022. Read through and settle for any of them that works best for the kind of business you do.



How To Download Twitter Videos On Your Android Or iOS Mobile


With the recent spate of videos on Twitter, users will be left happier if they have the option to save their favorite videos. Whether it’s cute dog videos or a serious argument on a difficult topic, you enjoy watching them again and over until you’ve had enough of it.

Knowing how to download videos from Twitter is essential if you want to save that fascinating bit of content you’ve just seen for posterity. This article shows you how to save videos on Twitter on any of your devices.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with how to download Twitter videos to your phone or computer.

How to Download Videos From Twitter on Android Mobile

An Android application can also be used to download a Twitter video. To download Twitter videos, you must first download the Download Twitter Videos application on your smartphone.

This tool makes it simple to download videos from both Twitter and Instagram. The following is what you must do next:

  • On your smartphone, open the Twitter app and go to the Tweet with the video you want to save.
  • Tap the Share button, then pick Copy the Link to Tweet from the drop-down menu.
  • Now paste the link into the Download Twitter Videos program. Then, at the bottom right corner of the page, click the download icon.

In the background, the video will begin to download. You can either open the application and select the video you want to watch, or you can open the application and select the video you want to watch. Alternatively, you can watch the video offline by going to the Gallery app on your smartphone.

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How To Download Twitter Videos on iOS Mobile

When compared to Android or PC, the process of downloading a video on Twitter is a little more complicated. To download the video to your iOS device, you must first install the Documents by Readle application or My Media app on your device. After that, you can proceed with the following steps:

  • Open the Twitter application on your smartphone and go to the Tweet which has the video you want to save.
  • Click on the Share button and then select copy the link to Tweet.
  • Now open the My Media or Documents by Readle application on your iPhone.
  • There will be a browser icon at the bottom right corner. Tap on it, and then you will be taken to an in-app browser.
  • In the browser type and then open the website.
  • Paste the copied URL link there and tap on the Download button. Once you tap on it, a new download link will pop up. Tap Download the File and then type in a name for your saved video.

When you’ve completed the process, your video will be saved in the app. Now, you need to open the video in the app and tap on Save to Camera Roll to save a copy of your Twitter video on your iPhone.

Follow these steps below to learn how to start making money on TikTok.

How To Save Twitter Videos On Your Desktop, PC, or Mac

Here’s one of the easiest ways to download that captivating Twitter video on your computer. This method I’m about to share with you works for any video that is immediately uploaded to Twitter. For example, if the tweet is simply embedding a YouTube video, you’ll need to take another path.

  • To download a video from the Twitter desktop site to your computer, identify the tweet that contains the video you wish to download and click on it to go to that tweet’s individual page. You can also click the tweet’s associated date.
  • Copy the URL in your search bar to your clipboard.
  • Go to , then paste the URL into the text box and click the Download button.
  • Choose a download size; the numbers correspond to the video’s download quality. Ensure you choose a reduced download size if you’re concerned about saving space on your PC. Alternatively, you can choose the greater resolution if you like a higher-quality video.

If you don’t want to use, you can repeat the same process using Twitter Video Downloader.

FAQs On How To Download Twitter Videos

How can I download videos from Twitter without the app?

You can download a video by opening Twitter and copying the direct link to the tweet that contains the video. After copying the link, you have to install Tweet Vid or Twitter Video Downloader, then paste the video link on any of the apps to download the video.

Can I request, download and view my Twitter archive?

You can download your Twitter archive by visiting

Can you save videos from the Twitter direct message?

TWSaveDM lets you save video files from direct messages in the Twitter app.

How can I download Twitter videos on Android?

Open the Twitter application on your smartphone and go to the Tweet which has the video you want to save. Tap on the Share button and then select copy the link to Tweet. Now go to your preferred Twitter Videos download application and paste the link there.


Twitter was once a website where you could post short, 140-character snippets of your thoughts or questions. But in the past decade, it’s evolved into a communication hub for pictures, videos, audio clips, and more. Making it more fun, you can now download videos on Twitter using your mobile or desktop devices.


  • – How to download videos from Twitter
  • – Twitter Video Download: How to Download Twitter Videos on Your Android, iOS Mobile Phones, and Laptop
  • – How to download Twitter videos on your phone or computer so you can easily watch them later

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How To Change Your Instagram Password Easily

how to change the instagram password

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet right now. It saves a lot of data and personal information about its users, as well as the dozens of photos and videos you can view.

As a result, you must pay close attention to your app’s security, particularly your login and password, to avoid being a victim of cyber-attacks.

This is why it is advisable to use separate passwords for different accounts and to change them at least once every six months.

Here’s how to change your Instagram password if you haven’t done it in a while or simply want to use a more secure password.

But before we get into how to change your Instagram password, let’s take a look at what Instagram is all about.

About Instagram 

According to Wikipedia, Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing social networking service launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and later bought by Facebook Inc.

Users can post photos and videos that can be modified with filters and categorized using hashtags and geo-tagging.

Posts can be shared with the general public or with followers who have been pre-approved. Users can explore other users’ content by tag and location, see what’s trending, such as photographs, and follow other users to add their stuff to their own personal feed.

Instagram has grown in popularity since its launch as a method to engage with brands, celebrities, thought leaders, friends, family, and more.

Now that we’ve learned a little about Instagram, let’s show you how to change your Instagram password quickly.

How to change your Instagram password on the mobile app Easily.

Here’s how to update your phone’s password in a few simple steps. It’s worth noting that the steps are the same for both iOS and Android.

1. Launch the Instagram app.

2. Go to your profile page by tapping your account icon in the lower-right corner.

A short tip: If you have numerous Instagram accounts and wish to change the password for one of them, tap and hold the account symbol at the bottom of the screen until a pop-up appears, then select the account you want.

3. Then, in the top-right of the screen, tap the three horizontal lines icon to bring up a new menu.

4. In the new menu, select the last option, called Settings.

5. Now, you will see a variety of options, one of which is security. To continue, select this option.

6. Select the Password option from the Login Security section.

7. To save, simply type in your current password, followed by your new password twice, and then press the blue tick in the top-right corner of the screen.

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How to Change Instagram password on a PC

A PC or Mac can also be used to update your Instagram password. So, if you’re using a PC or Mac, the steps below will show you how to change your Instagram password.

1. Go to on your web browser and type in your username and password.

2. In the top right corner, tap on your profile icon.

3. Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.

4. Select “Change Password” from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter your current password and then enter the new password twice.

6. When you’re through, select the Change Password option.

According to Instagram’s policies, the password you submit must have at least six characters, according to Instagram’s regulations. However, we recommend you enter at least one capital letter, one small letter, one number, and one symbol to make the password more secure.

How to reset or recover your Instagram password if you’ve forgotten it

You may need to reset your password if you’ve lost or forgotten it. You can do that from the login screen on the mobile app or in a browser on the desktop.

On the mobile app:

1. Open Instagram on your mobile device and go to the login screen. Under the username and password fields, tap Get help logging in (if you’re using an Android phone) or Forgot password? (on Apple iOS).

2. If you’re using an Android phone, hit Next after entering your email address, phone number, or username. If you’re using an iPhone, hit Next after selecting the proper tab (Username or Phone) and entering the necessary credential linked with your account.

3. You’ll receive a message with instructions on how to reset your password.

Note: If you entered your phone number, you will receive an OTP that you can use to reset your password. However, if you choose the username option, an email with a password reset link will be sent to your registered email account.

On the desktop site:

1. Open your web browser and go to On the login screen, under the username and password fields, tap Forgot password?

2. Tap Send Login Link after entering your email address, phone number, or username.

3. You’ll receive a message with instructions on how to change your password.

Instagram will send you an email with two links that you can click on. One immediately logs you back in with the option to change your password if you want. The other simply allows you to change your password.

In either case, double-enter it and you’re done. 

How to increase your safety and never get hacked!

You can do a few things to make your account secure and prevent potential attackers from gaining access, so understanding how to change your Instagram password may not be necessary. We’ll give you a few helpful hints right here.

#1. Use two-step authentication

First and foremost, two-step authentication should be set for all of your accounts. To log in, you’ll need your password and a code sent to you through email or text message.

#2. Use a strong password

If you wish to avoid account breaches, you must use a good, strong password. It’s a good idea to incorporate capital letters, numerals, and symbols to make it more complex and difficult to guess or hack.

Also, you can check this: How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story

#3. Use a password manager

In addition to the previous point, everyone should utilize password management apps to keep their credentials safe.

These programs can create very secure passwords that you can use on any platform and save them for you.

Furthermore, they operate on any of the best online browsers as well as any smartphone, allowing you to keep your login information in the palm of your hand at all times without having to memorize incredibly long and unusual passwords.

FAQs On How To Change The Instagram Password

What is Instagram’s main purpose?

Instagram is a visual-only site. Its primary purpose is to allow users to share images or videos with their followers.

What is the uniqueness of Instagram?

The uniqueness of Instagram is that it concentrates on images, videos, and the sense of intimacy that images and videos bring. As a result, they’re an excellent tool for visual marketing.

What are the Benefits of Instagram

Here are the benefits of Instagram
1. You will find like-minded users.
2. Market your content.
3. Make money.
4. Share photos and videos.
5. Brand your business.
6. Free tools help you succeed.
7. Engagement is easy.
8. Impressive filters.

How can you change your password on Instagram?

1. Launch the Instagram app.
2. Go to your profile page by tapping your account icon in the lower-right corner
3. Then, in the top-right of the screen, tap the three horizontal lines icon to bring up a new menu.
4. In the new menu, select the last option, called Settings.
5. Now, you will see a variety of options, one of which is Security. To continue, select this option.
6. Select the Password option from the Login Security section…


You may change your Instagram password at any moment by going to the Settings menu in the app or on the website. So, I hope this post has shown you how to change or reset your password easily on your mobile phone or PC.



Why Is Digital Marketing Important? 10 Compelling Reasons


Whether you’ve been in business for decades or just a day, one of the most difficult aspects of business operations is how to reach and engage your target audience most successfully. This is one of the reasons why digital marketing is important.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product development or the most efficient logistics in the world if you can’t convey your message to the right people at the right time.

Digital marketing is vital because it connects a company with its customers while they are online, and it works in any industry.

It links businesses with their potential customers on Google through SEO and PPC, on social media through social media marketing, and via email through email marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

All marketing operations that take place on the internet are referred to as digital marketing, often known as online marketing.

To engage with present and potential customers, businesses use digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites. Communication via text or multimedia communications is also included.

Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Native Advertising
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Online PR
  10. Inbound Marketing
  11. Sponsored Content
  12. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  13. Instant Messaging Marketing

How does a business define digital marketing?

Digital marketing is critical for your business and brand awareness at this point. Every other brand, it appears, has a website. If they don’t, they should at the very least have a social media presence or a digital advertising strategy.

Consumers now anticipate and rely on digital material and marketing as a means of learning about brands. You may get creative and experiment with a range of marketing approaches on a budget because digital marketing has so many possibilities and strategies.

Digital marketing is described as the use of a variety of digital methods and platforms to reach out to clients where they spend the majority of their time: online.

The greatest digital marketers can see how each digital marketing effort contributes to their overall objectives.

Why is digital marketing important?

You can reach a broader audience with digital marketing than you could with traditional means, and you can target the prospects that are most likely to buy your product or service.

It’s also generally less expensive than traditional advertising, and it allows you to track results on a daily basis and pivot as needed.

Every company requires digital marketing. You must be aware of the advantages of digital marketing for firms, which include:

1. Affordability

Digital marketing is far less expensive than traditional marketing. Prices vary depending on what you’re doing, but ad spend is generally less than other forms of marketing.

2. Mobile Access

You might be surprised to learn that 77 percent of American adults own a smartphone and are likely to use it or another mobile device for news, social networking, and a variety of other purposes.

While they’re doing this, digital marketing allows you to reach out to them. You can reach out to your audience through remarketing advertisements, email and text marketing, and social media when they are using a variety of apps on their phones.

3. Adaptability

Banner ads, email marketing, content marketing, and social media posts are just a few examples of high-quality digital marketing. As a result, understanding how to promote you creatively online opens up a world of possibilities for future publicity initiatives.

You can also use digital marketing to test and halt efforts that aren’t doing well in real-time.

4. Expansion of the business

Almost all of their shopping is done online for many people. You can use digital marketing to reach out to these folks and therefore enhance your company’s reach.

You can increase brand recognition and sales by using Google Shopping Ads and brand awareness initiatives.

5. Use of multimedia

Customers are more likely to engage with marketing materials that include a variety of content kinds, such as photographs, video clips, and audio.

All of these content categories are far easier to include in digital marketing than any other type of exposure – and this is crucial.

6. Interactivity

You can engage directly with clients who see your material via digital marketing, most notably through social media.

This demonstrates that you care about what your consumers have to say and think, making them feel appreciated and a part of the community you’re creating. It also enables you to collect crucial data on client reactions and preferences.

7. Tracking

Digital marketing allows you to track your clients’ behaviors in addition to engaging with them. You can track the ads and sorts of content they’ve seen before they buy something.

This informs you of the most effective marketing strategies, allowing you to fine-tune and optimize your plan.

8. Authority

Commenting on issues and controversies relating to your product or business is simple with digital marketing. You may establish yourself as an authority on such topics in this way, causing people to trust you, return for more information, and eventually buy from you.

Digital marketing enables you to appear as the industry expert that you are, resulting in increased trust in your company.

9. Work with Influencers

Many of today’s most powerful figures use the internet or social media to market themselves. You can engage with these influencers and acquire their esteem through digital marketing. If you play your cards well, you may persuade them to promote you, resulting in more customers and brand recognition.

10. Print Enhancement

You can use digital marketing to supplement your print marketing efforts. You can go into deeper detail by generating web material that explains claims made in print ads, optimizing the effectiveness of all sources of publicity, and combining your efforts.

Why do businesses need digital marketing?

Commercials, billboards, magazine ads, and other traditional kinds of advertising are all recognizable to you, but how well do you know digital marketing and its need for your business?

Pop-ups or banner adverts on websites may come to mind for many business leaders. Some people understand that having a well-maintained social media presence is also a vital aspect of digital marketing.

More Targeted Audience Reach

When you buy an advertisement in a physical newspaper, your target audience is specified as the newspaper’s subscribers. Your audience is defined as people who watch that channel for that show at that exact time when you get a time slot on a TV station.

Digital marketing platforms allow you to target consumers based on age, gender, income level, geography, job title, interests, and more at no additional expense.

If you’re not sure what demographic breakdown applies to your company, free analytics tools linked with platforms like Google and Facebook can show you the exact characteristics of people who like or visit your page.

Brand Awareness

When you use traditional advertising to promote your brand, a new product, or a service, you must hope that your target audience is physically present to notice your efforts.

Whether it’s a person driving the correct road to work or paying attention to the pamphlet at your booth, you have to strongly rely on individuals being in the right place at the right time.  Most consumers, on the other hand, are online at least portion of the time during the day.

You can potentially reach your audience through this methods at any time they check their smartphone or computer. You also have the opportunity to target a certain product or component of your brand to a specific subset of your audience.


Owners and executives frequently regard marketing as an expense, and they are correct; running advertisements, regardless of medium, is costly.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, has a very high entry hurdle; even billboards in the middle of nowhere and commercial slots at 3 a.m. aren’t cheap.

On the other side, while large budgets are welcomed and will allow you to engage more people, platforms like Google and Facebook have no entry requirements.

If you wanted to, you could run a $5 campaign. In addition, these platforms frequently provide new advertisers an ad expenditure credit.

Lead Generation

Tracking your performance is one of the most difficult aspects of traditional marketing. Although media buyers can tell you how many people watched your commercial, how do you verify that the advertisement resulted in a sale?

You can use digital ads to link contact information forms to your adverts. This serves three purposes: First, it tells you how many people responded to your ad in the way you intended; second, it allows you to add them to your email and phone lists; and third, it allows you to qualify the lead right away. And getting a quick response is crucial for converting a lead into a sale.

Customer Engagement and Retention

It’s simple for bars and restaurants to keep consumers engaged because it’s one of their core business roles. But how does a small-batch distillery get in touch with someone who bought their goods from 2,000 miles away?

Whether it’s through review management, social media posts, or email newsletters, technology allows business owners a plethora of ways to communicate with their customers.

You can respond to a customer’s negative feedback in a public forum using digital media, which not only allows you to address their concerns but also allows everyone who reads the review to see your response.

You may also establish a dedicated online community around your brand by communicating with customers who have had a favorable experience with it.

Maintain Contact with Your Clients

Traditional marketing is still a good way to get your word out to the public. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is the most effective way to genuinely engage with your customers and learn what messaging they respond to.

How does digital marketing help you know what your competitors are doing?

You must pay attention to what your competitors are doing and learn from them if you want your business to succeed. Consider your competition not as someone to beat, but as people who can teach you something.

You can get a sense of what is and isn’t working by looking at what your competitors are doing online. Whatever industry you’re in, your competitors have most likely created a web presence. Is there a blog or do they encourage visual content such as videos? What kind of content do they use?

What distinguishes them and how do they communicate their brand? How well do they interact with the crowd? Is it possible for you to do better?

Conducting research is a wonderful approach to learning what your competitors are up to. Find out what platforms they utilize, whether they concentrate on keywords, and whether they use influencers to increase traffic.

Fortunately, there are some excellent online resources available to assist you:

  • Semrush: great for keyword ranking and keyword traffic
  • Ahrefs: useful for discovering competitors’ most linked content
  • Moz: another platform for keyword ranking
  • BuzzSumo: track popular content types and influencers
  • Google Alerts: a tool for tracking mentions of any competitor you choose to track.
  • Ontolo: a great tool for backlinks and content marketing.


If you’ve never used digital marketing for a business before, it can be scary due to the unlimited possibilities.

There are a variety of platforms and digital marketing phrases may make it appear to be a larger effort than it is.

You’ll be able to attract a lot broader range of potential clients online than you would be able to reach merely locally. You may reach a global audience with digital marketing tactics that are cost-effective, scalable, and measurable.




Top 10 Twitter Accounts With The Most Followers

twitter accounts with the most followers

With over 330 million monthly active Twitter users by the start of 2019, according to Wikipedia, it has become quite challenging to find the top Twitter accounts with the most followers in 2022.

The competition on the app is quite stiff; regardless, some users make it to the top, massing the most followers out of everyone. 

You may wonder why this has to be, but there must be some reasons these accounts are the accounts with the most followers on Twitter. To make this easier, we have carefully researched and compiled a list of the top 10 Twitter accounts with the most followers in 2022. 

Continue to read to find out.


Founded on March 21st, 2006, in San Francisco, California, United States, Twitter is an online news and social media site that serves as a platform where users connect with each other and share their thoughts with a big audience.

On Twitter, users post and interact with “tweet” messages. Also, they can post, like, retweet, and quote the tweets by other users. 

Since the platform came to play, it has been the go-to platform where users go to get the “as-it-happens” news. This means that Twitter is one of the top platforms for informed news as well as the fastest news platform.

Also, users take to the platform to connect with and talk about the world’s top celebrities.

Further in this article, we shall discuss the top Twitter accounts with the most followers. 

Why Do People Use Twitter?

There are tons of reasons people use Twitter. In the US, Twitter is used mainly for being informed of the happenings in the country and worldwide.

Meanwhile, some others use the platform either for entertainment, connecting with like-minds, keeping in touch with family and friends or for all the reasons mentioned above.

According to Statista, here’s a list of reasons people use Twitter:

  • 48% of people use Twitter for news
  • 48% of users use the platform for entertainment
  • 34% of people use it to keep in touch with family and friends.
  • 33% of users use Twitter for the purpose of following brands and companies.
  • 14% use the platform to strengthen their professional network.
  • 12% use Twitter for some other purposes.

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What are the Top Twitter Accounts with the Most Followers?

Usually, the number of followers a Twitter account has is the metric used to determine the popularity of the user. However, this is not always true, as most Twitter users now take to giving out money in place of getting followers. 

We are mindful of this; those are not on our list of the top Twitter accounts with the most followers. Instead, our list comprises the accounts that have genuinely amassed the most followers through the value they offer.

Now, let’s get right in.

1. Barack Obama – 131.8M

Barack Obama, the two-term President of the United States of America, is the first on our list. 

Twice, Barack Obama held the world’s most powerful office, which contributed to his ranking as the user with the most followers on Twitter.

As of the time of writing, Barack Obama has 131.8 million followers on Twitter. He is the most followed person on Twitter.

2. Justin Bieber – 114.3M

The famous Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, is the second of the top 10 Twitter accounts with the most followers.

Justin Bieber’s followership began to grow after releasing his hit “Baby” in 2010. He has since remained in the spotlight, consistently upgrading his style and appearance while rapidly rising as one of the biggest stars and most-known persons in the world.

As of the time of writing, Justin Bieber has 114.3 million followers on Twitter, .aking him the second most followed person on Twitter.

3. Katy Perry – 108.8M

With 108.8 million followers, the world-famous pop diva, Katy Perry, is the third most followed person on Twitter.

Katy Perry rose from being a church singer to becoming one of the best and most famous musicians in the world.

See Twitter Followers Here

4. Rihanna – 106.3M

Also one of the world’s best and most famous musicians, Rihanna is the fourth most followed person on Twitter.

Rihanna is a notable singer and beauty product entrepreneur.

As at the time of writing, Rihanna has 102.7 million followers on Twitter.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo – 99.7M

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s best football players. Now, he doubles as the fifth most followed person on Twitter.

He has played for some worktop teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Juventus F.C. 

As at the time of writing, Cristiano Ronaldo has 93.2 million followers on Twitter.

6. Taylor Swift – 90.3 M

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous pop singers in the world. She is the sixth most followed person on Twitter.

As at the time of writing, Taylor Swift has 90.3 million followers on Twitter.

7. Ariana Grande – 83.7M

Ariana Grande is one of the world’s top artists who has constantly remained in the spotlight.

She is the seventh person with the most followers on Twitter. As at the time of writing, Ariana Grande has 83.7 million followers on Twitter. However, at the moment, the famous singer has deactivated her Twitter acount.

8. Lady Gaga – 84.6 M

With 84.6 million followers on Twitter, Lady Gaga has one of the top Twitter accounts with the most followers.

She is a successful singer and actress who recently performed in the film ‘A Star is Born.’

At the time of writing, Lady Gaga has 84.6 million followers, making her the eighth most followed person on Twitter.

9. Narendra Modi – 78.4 M

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, also has one of the top Twitter accounts with the most followers.

He joined Twitter in 2009 and has since grown his fellowship base by millions.

As of the time of writing, Narendra Modi has 78.4 million followers on Twitter, making him the ninth most followed person on Twitter after the official YouTube account on Twitter with 73 million followers.

10. Ellen DeGeneres – 77.5M

Ellen Degeneres is the host of the popular Ellen show, whose iconic Oscars tweet gained her quite a large number of followers.

Also, her significant viewership ratings for her show have always contributed to her being one of the most followed people on Twitter.

As of the time of writing, Ellen Degeneres has 77.5 million followers on Twitter, making him the tenth most followed person on Twitter.

Other Twitter Users with the Most Followers in 2022 include:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Selena Gomez
  • Justin Timberlake
  • CNN
  • Twitter
  • Elon Musk
  • Brittany Spears
  • Bill Gates
  • Demi Lovato

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Important Twitter Statistics

Twitter users

  • This section provides an overview of Twitter’s overall use user base in 2022. 
  • Twitter has 396.5 million users in 2022
  • About 7.2% of internet users access Twitter at least once per month.
  • About 96% of Twitter users In the US access the platform at least monthly
  • This information is provided by the following sources: Business of Apps, Statista, Statista, DataReportal

Other important Twitter Statistics

  • Twitter has 396.5 million followers in 2022
  • In 2020, Twitter brought in $3.72 in revenue.
  • Over 206 million use Twitter every day; however, about 75% are not in the US.
  • Twitter is used mainly among users aged between 25 and 34 years old.
  • Globally, men use Twitter more than women do.
  • About 92% of tweets on the platform are usually from the top 10% of users.

FAQs Twitter Accounts With the Most Followers in 2022

How many users does Twitter have?

Twitter has 396.5 million followers in 2022

How many employees does Twitter have?

Twitter has over 5,500 employees, and they earn an average of $121,000, according to PayScale.

Why do people use Twitter?

1. 48% of people use Twitter for news
2. 48% of users use the platform for entertainment
3. 34% of people use it to keep in touch with family and friends.
4. 33% of users use Twitter for the purpose of following brands and companies.
5. 14% use the platform to strengthen their professional network.
6. 12% use Twitter for some other purposes.

Who has the most followers on Twitter 2022?

Barack Obama
Barack Obama, the two-term President of the United States of America, is the first on our list. 
Twice, Barack Obama held the world’s most powerful office, which contributed to his ranking as the user with the most followers on Twitter.
As of the time of writing, Barack Obama has 131.8 million followers on Twitter. He is the most followed person on Twitter.

Who is No 1 on Twitter?

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has the most followed Twitter account in 2022, with over 131 million followers.

This is followed by the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, as the most-followed musician on Twitter, with over 114 million followers


Hopefully, this article has helped to broaden your knowledge about Twitter as well as the top Twitter accounts with the most followers. That’s it for our article on Twitter today.


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50+ Best Instagram Models That Can Follow You Back


Social media, especially Instagram, has revolutionized the modeling industry. When browsing Instagram, you don’t have to search long before you come across these Instagram models. With an emphasis on high-quality visual content, Instagram is the perfect platform for models to showcase their talent.

The popularity of fashion and beauty content on the channel has encouraged Instagram models to use their feed to build their portfolios and share perfectly composed images that showcase their personalities and creative style.

Instagram has become an informal forum for talent agents to search for new models.

What’s the big deal about Instagram?

Instagram isn’t just the camera app it once was when it launched in 2010. Today it is one of the most popular social media platforms out there.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users – more than 500 million of whom use the platform daily – Instagram is more than a photo-sharing platform and a window into what is happening right now.

Marketing on Instagram is the answer for social media enthusiasts looking for ways to make money and even get free content. Whether it’s posting pretty pictures or promoting products or branding campaigns, this photo-sharing platform is an answer to how you can make money.

Who is an Instagram model?

An Instagram model is a person who has gained popularity through headshots, poses, and other creative fashion shows on the Instagram platform.

These models use the photo and video sharing platform to showcase their work, define the personality behind the well-staged images, and build a portfolio with remarkable global reach.

Most Instagram models have social media marketing skills and work with brands and modeling agencies. Many companies use the huge social media followers of Instagram models to market products like cosmetics, fitness equipment, fashion products, and even gambling platforms.

How much does Instagram pay per post?

How much money you can make with Instagram depends on the influencer, their engagement, and the uniqueness of their Instagram content and audience.

While some brands pay between $ 5 and $10 per thousand followers, others offer $ 100 per 100 followers.

According to USA Today, an influencer with 10,000 to 50,000 active fans can make a few thousand per post. Instagram influencers with up to 1 million followers can see $10,000 per post. You can ask for $100,000 or more if you have up to 1 million followers on Instagram.

Best Instagram models that can follow you back

Let’s take a long look at the top Instagram models that you can subscribe to as their followers; as well as the number of their current followers.

Most of these Instagram models are experts and tutors in various spheres in life and have gained the trust and attention of so many followers worldwide.

1. Kendall Jenner – @kendalljenner

At the top of this list is the Kardashian sister’s favorite; Kendall Jenner. In addition to her fame as part of the Kardashian clan, Kendall has also made a name for herself in the modeling industry.

She was only 14 when she signed up with the Wilhelmina Models modeling agency and has participated in campaigns for some of the world’s most famous brands, including Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Dolce & Gabbana, and many more.

Followers: 199 million

2. Gigi Hadid – @gigihadid

When Gigi Hadid was just two years old, she got her first modeling opportunity as a model for Baby Guess clothing.

During her modeling career, she became famous through Instagram and has become one of the most popular Instagram models in the world.

Followers: 71.2 million

3. Cara DeLevigne – @caradelevingne

Cara began her modeling career in 2002 when she was only 10 years old. Since then, she has built successful music, acting, and modeling career, working with brands such as Burberry and Vogue.

The beautiful British woman was named “Model of the Year” at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014.

Followers: 43.5 million

4. Chrissy Teigen – @chrissyteigen

The 34-year-old model is known in the Instagram modeling industry and on other social media platforms such as Twitter for her assignable posts and funny comments.

Chrissy has been featured in global editorial magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. She’s also incredibly down to earth and interacts with her followers regularly, making her one of the best Instagram models to follow.

Followers: 35.9 million

5. Bella Hadid – @bellahadid

Bella Hadid is the younger of the Hadid sisters, but she certainly hasn’t been overshadowed by her older sister’s fame.

She is often used in various brands’ Instagram influencer marketing and has worked on numerous campaigns on her Instagram platform, including with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

Followers: 47.3 million

6. Emily Ratajkowski – @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the world’s most popular Instagram models. Her modeling career soared when she was one of the models in Robin Thicke’s music video “Blurred Lines” in 2013.

Over the past five years, she has worked with dozens of brands as part of her Instagram influencer program and walked the runway for many fashions and makeup brands at Fashion Week around the world.

Followers: 28.5 million

7. Sommer Ray – @sommerray

According to Heightline, Instagram influencer Sommer Ray is making more than $ 26,000 per post on Instagram at just 23 years old.

She is now the face (and body!) Many Instagram influencer campaigns have an amazing Instagram follower of over 25 million!

Followers: 26.8 million

8. Hailey Baldwin – @haileybieber

Hailey Baldwin, now called Hailey Bieber – is one of the most influential models in the world; both on Instagram and on the catwalk. It’s safe to say that she fully embraces her runway life.

At the age of just 23, Hailey has already achieved many incredible achievements in her modeling career, working with the likes of Pretty Little Thing and Teen Vogue and Vogue magazine.

Followers: 38.8 million

9. Gisele Bundchen – @gisele

Gisele Bundchen is one of the oldest models in this article, but at 39, she’s still had an impressive career, both on Instagram and otherwise.

She rose to fame in 1998 after working with Alexander McQueen on a very successful campaign; long before Instagram agencies even existed! Today she still works with various brands and has gained almost 16 million Instagram followers on the photo-sharing platform.

Followers: 18.1 million

10. Candice Swanepoel – @angelcandices

The South African model was ranked 8th in the Forbes Best Earners of 2016. Candice gained this fame and fortune through a variety of catwalk models, brand sponsorship, and Instagram influencer marketing.

As one of the top Instagram models of 2020, it’s incredibly easy to search influencers on Instagram and find Candice’s profile.

Followers: 16.2 million

11. Miranda Kerr – @mirandakerr

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model who first rose to fame when she became Australia’s first Victoria’s Secret model in 2007.

Since then, she has led many branding campaigns and walked countless catwalks for brands around the world.

Followers: 12.9 million

12. Doutzen Kroes – @doutzen

Doutzen is a Dutch model best known as Victoria’s Secret Angel. She was a brand ambassador for Miu Miu and L’Oréal. Most recently, she was active in helping the Elephant Crisi Fund to end the use of elephant ivory.

Followers: 7 million

13. Barbara Palvin – @realbarbarapalvin

Barbara is another model with millions of followers who follow every campaign she works on. By filming with the likes of Victoria’s Secret and H&M, Barbara has built a very successful modeling career.

Followers: 17 million

14. Adriana Lima – @adrianalima

Adriana Lima is Victoria’s Secret’s longest-running model and has appeared in countless shows for her. Her influencer demographics say she is the second-highest-paid model as of 2014.

Followers: 13.6 million

15. Ashley Graham – @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model who appeared on the cover of many global magazines such as Glamor, Elle, and Vogue.

On her Instagram profile, she also regularly shows pictures of the various campaigns she has worked on to show that plus-size models are just as beautiful.

Followers: 14.9 million

16. Karlie Kloss – @karliekloss

Karlie Kloss is one of the top 30 models of the 2000s and has worked with numerous brands on global campaigns.

The supermodel turned coding advocate has a huge presence on social media and is in high demand with advertisers. She has already concluded lucrative deals with Swarovski, Adidas, and Estee Lauder, among others.

Followers: 9.8 million

17. Jordyn Woods – @jordynwoods

Jordyn started her modeling career in 2015 after an agent discovered her account on Instagram. Her highlight is modeling for clothing brand Khloe Kardashians, Good American, and has worked on clothing lines for and PrettyLittleThing.

Followers: 12.1 million

18. Jen Selter – @Jenselter

Jen Selter has always had a deep passion for fitness and health. As if being a sensational fitness model wasn’t enough, she also works as the creative director for a sports jewelry brand, is a co-owner of a health shake company, and has founded several brands that make sugar-free protein bars.

With over 12 million followers, she is one of the hottest and most successful Instagram models of all time.

Followers: 12.5 million

19. Tammy Hembrow – @Tammyhembrow

This stunning 23-year-old’s claim on Instagram began when she documented her fitness journey during her first pregnancy. Now the proud mother of two is happy to share her constantly evolving athletic goals and eating habits with fans. She also serves as a dedicated fitness mentor.

Followers: 13.4 million

20. Cindy Kimberly – @wolfiecindy

Dutch model Cindy is one of the youngest Instagram models on this list at just 21 years old. She is incredibly popular on her YouTube channel and receives hundreds of thousands of likes on every Instagram post.

Followers: 6.7 million

21. Liu Wen – @liuwenlw

Liu was the first Chinese model to walk in Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She was also the first Chinese model to make the front cover of American Vogue and has worked with a number of renowned brands.

Followers: 5.4 million

22. Sierra Skye Egan – @sierraaaskyee

Sierra is an OG Instagram model, unlike many others on this list who first rose to fame on the catwalks and catwalks. She used Instagram very successfully to build her platform and gained millions of followers and brand deals.

Followers: 4.2 million

23. Lucky Blue Smith – @luckybsmith

Lucky Blue Smith is the first male model to be on this list, with nearly 3 million Instagram followers. At just 21, Lucky has worked with brands such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and GAP.

Followers: 2.7 million

24. Mathilde Tantot – @mathildtantot

Mathilde is another model on this list who became famous thanks to Instagram. Today, Mathilde works with many brands and founded the swimwear brand Khassani with her twin sister (a model).

Followers: 10.3 million

25. Jessica Stein – @tuulavintage

Jessica Stein actually started her Instagram career by simply being a blogger. She has since had a very successful career, often sharing pictures of her family as well as the various campaigns she’s working on.

Followers: 2.1 million

26. Natasha Oakley – @tashoakley

Natasha Oakley also first became known as a blogger, but has since built her portfolio and is now working on numerous branding campaigns on Instagram.

She also founded the popular swimwear brand Monday Swimwear.

Followers: 2.6 million

27. Pia Muehlenbeck – @piamuehlenbeck

Pia Mühlenbeck was training to be a lawyer when she came across the Instagram platform and has since been known as a very successful Instagram model.

Followers: 2 million

28. Francisco Lachowski – @chico_lachowski

Francisco Lachowski is a male model from France and is known on Instagram for his outdoor and lifestyle photos and campaigns.

Followers: 1.6 million

29. Jon Kortajarena – @kortajarenajon

Jon Kortajarena is a Spanish actor and model and features a number of his brand collaborations on his Instagram profile. When he was just 18 years old, he became the face of Just Cavalli for one of Roberto Cavalli’s campaigns.

Followers: 3.1 million

30. Camila Morrone – @camilamorrone

Camila has over 2.1 million Instagram followers and has appeared in a number of films as part of her acting career. She also uses her Instagram platform to share unique brand collaborations that she has worked on.

Followers: 2.7 million

31. Rocky – @rocky_barnes

Rocky Barnes started out as a blogger and now mostly uses her Instagram profile to promote her latest fashion and beauty looks.

She first rose to fame in 2013 when she starred in a Justin Bieber music video and has been using her platform to create fashion-based content ever since.

Followers: 1.9 million

32. Pamela Alexandra – @pamelaalexandra

Pamela Alexandra is a travel blogger who is now sharing various Instagram model-worthy shots on her profile.

Followers: 5.4 million

33. Devin Brugman – @devinbrugman

Devin is another highly desirable Instagram model who is particularly following in her mother’s footsteps as a model.

She is known for sharing her enviable bikini photos on her Instagram and understandably she is the co-founder of Monday Swimwear.

Followers: 1.3 million

34. Lisa-Marie Schiffner – @lisamarie_schiffner

This Instagram model is only 20 years old but has built an Instagram profile that has 1.2 million followers. The Austrian Youtuber and Instagrammer shares pictures of her artistic recordings, lifestyle picks, and fashion pieces.

Followers: 1.3 million

35. Jenah Yamamoto – @gypsyone

Jenah has earned her impressive Instagram followers through her wanderlust-worthy travel blog. She still shares travel-related images on her Instagram and incorporates brand collaborations with swimwear brands into her feed.

Followers: 805k

36. Mimi – @mimielashiry

Mimi Elashiry uses her Instagram profile to share inspiring tips on nutrition, healthy eating, and exercise.

Followers: 1.1 million

37. Liz Turner – @elizabethcturner

Liz Turner started her career as an Instagram model but has since worked with a number of renowned and popular brands, helping promote their clothes and makeup.

On Instagram, she speaks openly about her well-educated background, her struggles with mental health, and how she keeps fit and active.

Followers: 1 million

38. Cindy Mello – @cindymello

Cindy Mello is an Instagram model who now works with world-famous Instagram and model agencies such as Ford Models.

Followers: 1.2 million

39. Ashley Sky – @ashleysky

Ashley Sky is both an Instagram model and a Youtuber who works on various video campaigns with a number of brands.

She has also walked the catwalk multiple times thanks to her fame spotted through Instagram.

Followers: 554k

40. Gabi – @gabifresh

Gabi is a plus-size Instagram model; you should follow Gabi because she is incredibly motivating and inspiring and is not afraid of breaking the social “norm”.

She is also the co-founder of a plus-size brand and launches collections with a range of swimwear and lingerie brands.

Followers: 868k

41. Arame Falls   – @fallarame

Arame is a Senegalese model who currently lives in Los Angeles. Her Instagram offers a mix of high fashion looks with bold colors. She has worked with brands like Savage x Fenty and you may have seen her in Beyoncé’s film Black is King.

Followers: 25.2k

42. Audreyana Michelle – @audreyanamichelle

Audreyana has signed with many different modeling talent agencies, including NEXT Models in Miami, Freedom Models in LA, and an agency in New Zealand.

Her Instagram profile is full of makeup and beauty pics and videos for campaigns she worked on with the likes of Colourpop.

Followers: 655k

43. Alexis Ren – @alexisren

Instagram and Tumblr played a huge role in starting Alexis’ career at the age of 15. She has since developed her own line of activewear and has appeared in several music videos, including Ed Sheera, South of the Border clip.

Followers: 14.1 million

44. Frida Aasen – @frida_aasen

This Norwegian beauty has signed with modeling agencies in both New York and Paris. Frida’s Instagram boasts pictures from campaigns that she’s worked on with Victoria Secret and Michael Kors.

Followers: 841k

45. Nyome Nicholas – Williams – @curvynyome

Nyome is an Instagram model who has embraced body positivity throughout her work. In 2020, she campaigned on Instagram to change its censorship guidelines after removing revealing photos.

She is clearly leading the way for a new generation of Instagram models who can express themselves freely.

Followers: 79.9k

46. Rain Dove – @raindovemodel

Another male model on this list, Rain Dove has worked on a number of fashion, film, and activism campaigns and is definitely using his platform forever.

Followers: 442k

47. Demi Rose – @demirose

Demi Rose began building her online presence through MySpace before moving to Instagram and eventually starting her career as an Instagram model and DJ. She was interested in modeling at a young age and is now living her dream.

Followers: 18.5 million

48. Lameka Fox – @lamekafox

Lameka Fox is an American model who was first scouted on Instagram via IMG Models’ #WLYG (We Love Your Genes) campaign. She has participated in catwalk shows for Tommy Hilfiger and Valentino.

Followers: 222k

49. Alina Baikova – @alina_baikova

Alina is an Instagram model and an activist who works with charity The Heart Fund to help millions of people. She also works with teeth whitening brands as well as bikini and swimwear brands.

Followers: 476k

50. Raven Lyn – @theravenlyn

A newcomer to the block but an incredibly influential Instagram model nonetheless, Raven Lyn was a Sports Illustrated rookie from 2018.

Her Instagram profile features raunchy pictures of her sharing her latest looks and collaborations.

Followers: 341k

51. Sarah Stephens – @sarahstephens7

The 29-year-old Australian model now lives in LA and rose to fame when she won Girlfriend magazine’s 2006 “Model Search”.

Sarah isn’t shy about showing off her enviable figure on her Instagram and works regularly with various brands on her latest campaigns.

Followers: 226k

How do I grow my Instagram followers?

To grow your Instagram followers, implement these best practices into your overall strategy:

  • Clearly define your niche. What kind of account are you? Whether it’s fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, music, gaming or anything else, it needs to be clear in your profile and in the content you post.
  • Post consistently. Consistent posting means consistent audience interaction with your content and more opportunities for you to gain followers.
  • Publish quality content. Work on posting high quality photos and invest time in your stories, videos and content descriptions. Your audience will take note of your account if your content is useful or important and looks good. Instagram-worthy pop-up events can help you out if you need inspiration.
  • Interact with your audience. Make sure to reply to comments and messages from followers and potential followers.
  • Promote your account. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are great places to promote and grow your Instagram account.
  • Show yourself to a larger audience. Getting featured on a bigger account will showcase your content to a lot more people and can open up some great growth opportunities for you. There are many feature accounts out there that your content could use if you tagged it.
  • Follow relevant accounts. By following relevant accounts in your industry or niche, you can learn more about what content they post and who their followers are. This can help you refine your content and find similar audiences.


Instagram has fundamentally changed the way the modeling industry works. It’s incredibly fascinating to see that most of the models on this list actually found their modeling careers thanks to Instagram.

It’s safe to say that it is a platform that every model and “would-be” model should use.


How To Sell In Facebook Marketplace- Expert Guide


Selling on Facebook Marketplace has become a popular alternative to garage sales. It is excellent for local selling as users can browse listings within their community and once they see something they like, they just message the seller.

One interesting fact about Facebook Marketplace is that it offers public profiles and ratings for both sellers and buyers. Reviews, which can be viewed on the Facebook app for Android and iOS, help both parties feel safe about their transactions.

To rank among the best sellers Facebook marketplace, you need to learn about the market operations; how to negotiate with buyers; and also familiarize yourself with commonly used acronyms on the Marketplace.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to sell things on Facebook Marketplace

Open Facebook and log in to your account, if needed.

  • #1: Click Marketplace in the left menu or Tap on the Marketplace icon from your Feed.
  • #2: Create new listing, then click Item for sale.
  • #3: Add photos to “upload a photo” of your item from your computer.

Select a photo that best describes your item(s)

  • #4: Enter the info about your item. To mark an item as Free, you can enter 0 as the price.
  • #5. Click to hide your listing from your Facebook friends. It will still be visible to other people on Facebook.
  • #6. Click Next. If Next is greyed out, make sure that you’ve entered the information that’s required.
  • #7. Click Publish to post your Marketplace

How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It doesn’t cost people anything to sell on Facebook Marketplace and there is no fee to join Facebook or Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re running Facebook Marketplace as a merchant, there’s a 5% fee on all transactions, with a $0.40 minimum fee.

Note that you can only sell items priced between $5 and $500. So if you sell an item for $5, you pay $0.40 for that transaction even though the 5% fee is $0.25.

If you think selling on Facebook is the only way to earn a fortune in recent times, then you need to see our article on How to make money on TikTok

How to negotiate with buyers

It’s common for buyers to try to negotiate price, and it’s best not to do it over Messenger. Buyers often wait for the next seller instead of lowering their bid.

For the items you ship, it’s up to you whether or not you negotiate the minimum price you set. For personal transactions, direct exchange for cash or a check is best.

Tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace

With so many sellers in the marketplace, it pays to stand out. Here are some tips to help you:

  • View the competition and price your items competitively.
  • Take high-quality photos in good lighting.
  • Respond to questions in a timely manner.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible in the item description.
  • Say you’re open to offers and negotiate.
  • Use tags to make your listings easier to find.
  • You should also familiarize yourself with commonly used acronyms on Marketplace so that you can use them too:

DM: direct message
OBO: or best offer
NWT: new with tags
PUP: pick-up pending
NIL: next in line

Can I advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

The Ads Manager tool allows you to create a paid ad to appear on Facebook Marketplace. Design and create your ad, set a daily budget, and choose your ad placement.

If you choose automatic placement (which Facebook recommends), Facebook will place you on Marketplace, Facebook and your News Feed, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

What can be sold on Facebook Marketplace Certain items cannot be sold on Marketplace. These include Digital goods, Weapons, ammunition, or explosives Animals Illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs, Ingestible dietary supplements, Real, virtual, or counterfeit currencies Misleading, deceptive, or objectionable items.

Shipping and Returns on Facebook Marketplace

You can only use the shipping feature if you are selling as a business. This means you are also subject to a referral fee of 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less.

Once you’ve signed up to pay and shop online, you have a set time to ship the item to the buyer after each purchase. Otherwise, Facebook will remove or cancel the order.

You can choose to pay the shipping cost yourself or let the buyer pay. You must add tracking information and mark the package as shipped to receive payment for items with the shipping option.

If the buyer requests a refund, they have two business days to respond and try to resolve the issue. And any refund must be made within two business days after receiving the returned items.

Payment details for Facebook Marketplace

The payment method on Facebook Marketplace depends on the seller. However, the company recommends using Messenger or PayPal to receive payment at the time of sale.

You can also use Messenger to decide which payment method works best for both parties. For example, if you prefer PayPal or Venmo but the buyer doesn’t have them, you can arrange for cash delivery when you collect your item as long as it’s a local seller.

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How To Go Viral On TikTok In 2022 | 10 Easy Guides To Follow


With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok has grown to become one of the media giants in the world. The platform has over 2 billion downloads with teenagers and young adults and major demographic users.

It is very easy to go viral on TikTok than other social media platforms considering its consistent user increase and growth rate.

In this article, I am going to show you ten easy guides on how to go viral on TikTok in 2022. But before we proceed, let’s quickly review the basic things you should know about TikTok.

Let’s get started.

What is TikTok?

According to Wikipedia, TikTok, known in China as Douyin, is a video-sharing social networking service owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

The social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from fifteen seconds to three minutes. 

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Why You Should Use TikTok For Your Brand

Early adopters of social media platforms proved that if you can leverage a social media platform during its early days, you can easily become an influencer. Attaining this influencer status will enable you to make the most from marketing on that platform.

Below are the following reasons you should use TikTok to promote your brand.

#1. Its an easy way to build communities

Modern-day users consume maximum content through videos, and thus you should look at your users as a part of a community. Sharing ideas through videos, and invoking the interest of like-minded people is what matters.

Though the platform doesn’t have a group element yet, a good marketer can identify that community building is at the heart of this platform.

#2. Marketing that doesn’t look like marketing

Generation Z doesn’t like to be bothered by advertisements, which is why 51% of them use ad-blockers. It should be clear that the old techniques of marketing will not work well with these users.

As a smart marketer, you should find less invasive techniques, and quickly grab the attention of your target audience through engaging content. Once you master the technique of incorporating your brand into well-structured stories, you win.

#3. Perfect place for user-generated content

Millennials value authenticity over anything else. They are aware of the marketing tactics and thus will not fall for age-old concepts. TikTok is the biggest source of user-generated content and has the advantage of being the new kid on the block.

Even some popular video publishing platforms have been plagued by fake views for some time now, and this has led to users having trust issues with what they see on these platforms.

TikTok drives content organically as a part of its design and encourages user-generated content through its challenge concept whenever possible.

Having established some of the benefits of using TikTok; let us now discuss how to go viral on TikTok in 2022 in other to boost our businesses and make more money.

10 Easy Guide on How to Go Viral on TikTok

Follow these guides to go viral on TikTok.

#1 Keep Your TikTok Videos As Short as Possible

One of the reasons that people love TikTok so much is that you can watch a fast-paced video and gain something from it. Whether you learned a new recipe, you laughed, or you picked up a new dance. 

Consumers have an attention span of 8 seconds which is why short TikToks are more successful. Meaning if you create a 10-second video, you will need to take into account that most viewers will watch the first 8 seconds and if it doesn’t interest them they will continue scrolling.

TikTok videos cut to the chase and show only the important details. This is why users can scroll for hours because the videos are short and are edited to be more lively, due to the instant change of frame shots.

#2 Always Have a Call To Action (CTA)

It is nice to have great content however, after that what’s next? Maybe you want your users to start a business, make pasta, like and comment on the video, or buy a pop it, then tell them.

CTAs will help you grow your followers. This is because they motivate your viewers to take action after watching the video. 

Remember that calls to action aren’t just important for business – customers want and expect them. Many people depend upon the CTA at the end of the page to take the next step.

#3 (Engagement) – Create Content That Will Generate Traffic in Your Comments

Another way to go viral on TikTok is to create engaging content. This means content that will generate traffic in your comments.

You can ask something that is relatable for your audience, e.g. their favorite TV show,  sport, etc. As long as you create a buzz in the comments, your TikTok videos will have more viewers and boost your followership.

Additionally, you can do something weird or questionable in your video that will organically create traffic in your comments. Naturally, humans become inquisitive when they see something that is out-of-the-ordinary.

A good idea is that you can wear a different hat every time you change the angle of the shot or have weird props around in your TikToks.

#4 Use Your Own Audio for Videos

Using your own audio for videos is good for the following purposes; Firstly, it is more personal. It helps target your audience, and your sound may go viral. More so, it is more personal when viewers can hear your voice because they feel like you are talking straight to them.

Secondly, when you record your voice on TikTok you are giving the app more information about your video to help them share your content with your correct audience. This means that the algorithms pick up on the words and are able to break down what you are saying.

Your TikTok can show up on the viewer’s page just by the keywords you may have said that someone has searched up in the past. Lastly, many audios that TikTokers create can go viral if enough users use your audio in their TikToks. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should not use trending music for your video.

#5 Pay attention to hashtags trends

Just like any other social media platform, hashtags are key! Hashtags help users share and find content and join conversations about topics that interest them. TikTok isn’t any different as its users can build communities around hashtags.

Additionally, TikTok identifies very popular hashtags with graphic design at the top of the page to show how important they are. If you have a new idea in your videos, choose your hashtags very creatively and engaging to get users’ attention. Keep in mind that the more practical the hashtags you choose, the more your video stands a chance of being seen by others. It is also a key point in getting viral on TikTok.

Many users search TikToks by hashtags so you want to make sure you are using the right hashtags to pop up. It is best to research the top-performing hashtags on TikTok to reach a bigger audience.

#6 Tell A Story

Users want to hear a story, but it needs to be a captivating story. It doesn’t have to be serious, it can be about walking your dog or your night routine. You can tell one full story in 3 parts meaning, you can create 3 videos to make your viewers have to wait and build excitement for the next video. 

It doesn’t mean that dances don’t go viral, however when you have a story, you are giving your viewers something to grasp and want to continue watching.

#7 Be Consistent

Don’t you hate when a TikToker says “wait for part 2 I will post it next week”? I know you do and guess what, your audience hates it too. To go viral on TikTok, you want your followers to look forward to your upcoming posts.

It is easier to engage with a TikToker that posts every week rather than once a month because you may forget about them. This is why consistency is crucial and it keeps your viewers entertained. 

#8 Offer a challenge on TikTok

Many of the most popular videos on TikTok went viral with the contagious effects of starting a creative challenge. There are many themes and ideas on TikTok to pose a challenge: from lip-reading to showing an engaging comedy theme.

These challenges are very funny, and they encourage other people to participate.

If you have a talent for comedy, then you can make a video of your own idea and convince others to make videos about it too. In this case, your video will go viral because others will both take part in your challenge and promote your hashtag.

#9 Work with influencers

On TikTok, like any other social media platform, there are people who have famous content styles. If you own a business or are a singer, you can work with them.

Influential people can promote your music or your goods and services. For example, you could ask them to play music in one of their videos or promote one of your products.

Because they have many followers and many people are watching their videos, this is a great opportunity to promote your ideas on TikTok and ultimately increase your audience.

#10 Learn From Successful People

Always look out for similar TikTok trends, including other platform trends that are in line with your niche, and study how they became successful. Keep learning every day.

For example, you see a very popular video on YouTube that has been seen a million times in a short time. If its idea matches your own, you can make your video better by adding some parts of the YouTube video at different parts of your video.

It may convince users that your idea is extracted from viral content and it increases the chance to be widely seen again.


Going viral on TikTok is very easy and profitable if you follow these guidelines. Many businesses have increased their revenue through TikTok, so many people have made money on the platform by following these guidelines.

Let us know in the comment section what you think and also your own tips for going viral on TikTok.