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How can I host SMFEST in my City/Campus? Full Guide

host SMFEST in my City

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No event is small when planning, organizing and hosting one. While no two events are the same, there should be a clear definition of what you intend to achieve with them. To host an event such as SMFEST in your city, you must take several factors into consideration.

This article will provide you with a full guide on the steps you need to take to host an event such as SMFEST in your locality.

Read on!

How to host SMFEST in my City/Campus

The basic thing you must do before hosting SMFEST in your city is to spend some time determining the goal and reason. If you can’t do this, do not go ahead with planning the event.

Lay out a plan on how you intend to achieve those goals. You may decide to do any of the following or be innovative around it.

  • Increase/decrease registrations by 10% from the previous SMFest
  • Sell over 100 branded merches
  • Host over a thousand participants as it going to be the first in your locality
  • Increase the number of social media followings

Also, you may have to pen down necessary information such as:

  • Date: When the event will take place
  • Location
  • One-day event or two
  • Virtual or physical event

If there is an organization already powering SMFEST, your scope might help you transit into the following stages before you can host.

#1. Make a Budget

The first to get your SMFEST event as good as done is creating a budget. A good budget not only clarifies other areas of your strategy, it also helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you plan out your complete budget in advance, ensure you keep updating it as you settle on variables and pay close attention to the process, you will be more effective.

To understand how your money will distributed amng your demands, start by mapping out your line item costs. Also review as the plan to host SMFEST in your city/ campus takes shape.

#2. Develop your Event team

The success of a huge event as SMFEST depends on a well-organized workforce. When creating a team, it is expedient to establish responsibilities from the scratch to maintain accountability. There should be an executive lead who oversees the entire team and has prying eyes into every moving part.

With each team keeping records of their actions, you are unto hosting the next big event in your locality.

#3. Choose a Location and a Date

The location and timing of your SMFEST event are two important decisions that will influence the rest of your project strategy. As soon as possible, do your venue research and think about the date to fix your event.

Also ensure you consider your budget, theme fit, amenities, availability of on-site staff. Make enquiries of the fire situation in the location you have in mind.

#4. Build your Event’s Brand

Did you know your SMFEST branding sets the mood for your event? Ans, since your goal is to make people have a great feel when they think about SMFEST, you can make strong offers.

The following are examples of standard event branding:

  • The theme of the SMFEST event which is a basic consideration
  • Color, font, and logo
  • PR, emails, and other forms of on-site decor

The tale you are delivering should be supported by various aspects working together.

#5. Create a program plan

By all means, lan ahead! Think through the event and every session. Some necessary questions you can seek answers to are as follows.

  • Would there be keynote speakers?
  • Will you reserve special seats for your sponsors?
  • Will your participants be able to select from several programs at once?

If you’re able to provide answers to the questions above, you can create a high-level overview of your SMFEST program. Along with the main events schedule, consider planning

  • Food and drink
  • Fun times
  • Networking opportunities
  • Wellness events

#6. Confirm the Speakers & Sponsors

To host SMFEST in your city/campus, you’ll probably seek help from others to help you cover costs and add flavor to the event proper. When contacting a potential speaker, be sure to clearly describe the occasion and the number of participants you’re expecting.

It is important to note that you will cater for their logistics and accommodations.

#7. Choose and Identify your technology Tools

While planning to host SMFEST in your city, note your technological requirements and the timetables for their implementations. While certain technologies can wait until the event draws closer, you must introduce others in advance of the big day.

To encourage early sales of tickets, you can build your website early enough. If you intend to reach a wider audience, you can make provisions for a live streaming session.

#8. Make provision for a Marketing and Advertising Strategy

While there are several ways to promote your event, social media posts, advertisements, and every strategy included in them should be part of the marketing plan.

#9. Choose the best way to Measure your event’s success

Create an appropriate tool to measure the success of SMFEST in your city/camus. Things that can help you are:

  • Statistical analysis
  • What sources did you use, and how many tickets did you sell?
  • How many high-quality leads did you get?

You can use surveys to assess how participants felt about the event, which can assist you determine its strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMFEST?

SMFEST is the largest social media event in South East Nigeria. It teaches its audience how to leverage the power of technology, social media, and innovation to advance their businesses.

When was SMFEST established?

The maiden edition of SMFEST held on October 23rd, 2021 at the prestigious Landmark Events Center, Owerri.

What is the theme for SMFEST 2022?

The theme for SMFEST 2022 is Creative Disruption.

How much is the ticket for SMFEST 2022?

There are two categories of tickets which sell for 4,000 (basic) and 7,000 (executive).


Each of the steps involved in how to host SMFEST in your locality will help you create a master plan. Work through each of them with action points, plan ahead of time, then, wheel the motion to having a great event.


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