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How To Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes


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Social media platforms like Instagram have grown way beyond a personal space where people share their wins or losses. It has become a source of livelihood to millions of people, raking in billions of dollars for these businesses. However, to effectively utilize its endless possibilities, one must have the right number of followers to make it happen.

This is simply because the more followers you have the more visible your brand, product, or service becomes. For this reason, and many others, there’s a ” craze” for building or getting followers on Instagram – and getting it fast!! Hence, the question, “how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.”

I know what you’re thinking. Is it even possible to get 1k followers on Instagram in five minutes? The answer is yes. Is it sustainable or does it give you the visibility you desire? Not so much. How do I get 1k followers on Instagram then? This article will answer this question. Sit tight.

While we’ve said that it is possible to get 1k followers on Instagram in five minutes, you must agree with me that it isn’t happening if you’re not a celebrity. Or maybe your video on YouTube went viral after doing something awesome or posting some bizarre stunts.

Since we both know that we’re neither a celebrity nor some stunt kid, how then can we get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? Through follower booster services!

There are quite a number of them out there and while some will actually come through by giving this number of followers in that short period, most do not. They’d, however, string you along to ensure you keep using their services.

Then again, there’s the issue of fake followers that will not increase your visibility and may even attract shadowbans or infinite ones if care isn’t taken.

How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

Below are some hacks that would help you get 1k followers in no time.

#1. Use Followers Growth Services

Like I said earlier, one of the ways to get 1k followers on Instagram in five minutes is by using growth services. Find the one most suitable for you and use their services.

However, there are no promises. Yes! Non at all and you might even stand the chance of getting penalized.

If you’re lucky and it goes unnoticed, you will only have a thousand or more followers that aren’t engaging in your content.

This defeats the aim of looking for followers in the first place and should not be considered very much.

#3. Create Awesome Content

Another way of building followers on Instagram is by creating interesting content. These contents will have you attract people of the same mind or that are interested in your niche.

While creating quality content may not give you 1k followers on Instagram in five minutes, it will continually help you build better followership that would be more useful to you.

Creating content is basically the organic way of building followers and while it takes more time than others, it’s more sustainable. It is so because with this, whoever comes knocking is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

This set of followers will keep your timeline busy and share your posts. Thereby giving you the exposure and visibility you need for your business.

Remember, there are lots of competitions out there, and to stay relevant, you will need to stay unique! You must do something different, even from those in the same niche as you.

It’s important that your content helps carve you a “niche inside your niche”. This will distinguish you from all those that might be rendering some services as you or selling the same type of product.

Your awesome content will get you engagements. And with a certain level of engagement comes a certain level of visibility. It’s simple really. Instagram works with algorithms, and as more persons engage in your content, it appears on many more feeds. So create content!

4. Use Hashtags

Assuming you have quite a number of followers, maybe not as much as you want, but just a bit to make a little difference. But you won’t get more or have your content reach more persons, how do you go about this?

Use hashtags. Hashtags are basically used to streamline trending topics that people are currently engaging in. If you use hashtags, anyone searching for them will definitely see your content.

This will give more visibility to your content and as such attract more followers for you.

It may not give you 1k followers in 5 minutes, but it will definitely put your content out there. When it does, and people notice you, you get more engagement on your posts and followers to compliment it all.

Twitter introduced hashtags and ever since other platforms have incorporated them and it has been making a difference for a lot of people. So, yea, use hashtags, but you must obey these rules if you want the best from using hashtags.

Don’t use general hashtags

Although common hashtags like #love or #beautiful may have a lot of postings, they won’t help you receive greater exposure. Because these hashtags have thousands of posts published every minute, your post will be moved down the feed too quickly for anyone to see it.

Use specific hashtags

Because general hashtags don’t work, it’s best to use hashtags that are more specific to your target audience, hashtags that they’re more likely to see or follow. People in your target audience will see your article if you can discover a few essential hashtags and use them on your content to appear in the hashtag feed. It will appear more frequently if people interact with it.

Create your hashtag

You could create your own hashtag and have users tag their photos with it. Additionally, such content can be used later as features for user-generated content.

Avoid over using hashtags

As much as you’re encouraged to use hashtags, do not spam your post with lots of them. You should first research to know which hashtag or number of hashtags will give you the best results.

This said, there is no particular number of hashtags that have been proven to be the best number to use.


Timing is almost everything. While you might have the right content to put out, knowing when to put it out there will determine how viral your content will go. So, when you’re trying to create content, pay attention to your immediate environment to know what to put out at a given time that will be appreciated by those you’re trying to reach.


While there are hacks that can get you 1k Instagram followers in a few minutes, it’s important you don’t accumulate followers that will be of no help to your visibility.

Therefore, getting followers the old-fashioned way remains the best option for you. Who knows, you might be lucky tomorrow and that very that goes viral brings you all the followers you want and more.

Good luck.



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