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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

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How do I know if someone blocked me on Instagram? I can imagine the look on your face when you think you’ve been blocked, especially if it was done by someone you know.

The irony is that Instagram, like any other social media platform, does not alert users when they are blocked or allow you to see a list of who has blocked you by default.

Furthermore, not seeing their posts and stories on our Instagram feed does not necessarily indicate that they have blocked you; rather, the individual may have deactivated his or her account or stopped posting on Instagram.

The question now is: how do I know if someone has me blocked on Instagram?

Well, we’ll put your curiosity to rest for a while since we’ll show you how to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

About Instagram

According to Wikipedia, Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In April 2012, Meta Platforms (then Facebook Inc.) acquired the service for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock.

Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to edit and submit photographs and short videos. Also, it is a free online photo-sharing application and social networking platform.

Users can add a caption to each of their posts, and hashtags and location-based geotags can be used to index and search these posts within the app.

When a user tags their posts with hashtags or geotags, they display in their followers’ Instagram feeds and can also be accessed by the general public.

Also, users can make their profiles private, allowing only their followers to see their posts. In addition, Instagram is a platform that both individuals and corporations can use. Companies can create a free business account on the photo-sharing app to advertise their brand and products.

Benefits Of Instagram.

Here are some benefits of Instagram that you might not know:

#1. More Businesses & Consumers Are Joining Every Day

It’s simple to see why so many people use Instagram to shop, with over 25 million businesses actively using the app to sell to their target audience.

Shoppers demand visual content to help them make purchasing decisions in today’s instant-access retail world. Instagram’s rapidly increasing network actually aids brands and merchants in using graphics to better sell and detail their items.

Additionally, as the network grows, shoppers recognize Instagram as a reputable product information and imagery source. Not only do they want pictures, but they also want content from people who are similar to them.

This indicates that your target audience is already expecting your material to appear in their feed.

Not only do your customers demand it, but Instagram has made its app considerably more business-friendly in recent years by adding tools like linking, landing page creation, and product tagging.

#2. Targeting (and Re-targeting) Your Audience is Simple.

We understand how important it is to target the proper demographic for your ads to be successful. But how does Instagram assist you in reaching out to your target market?

If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising, you’re aware of the strength and breadth of options available to reach your target demographic. The following are some of the targeting features:

  • Location: It makes no difference whether you’re targeting a full country or just one city.
  • Demographics: Want to target exclusively 37-year-old Catalan-speaking women with your ads? Instagram may identify demographics based on language and gender.
  • Interests: Create advertising based on your audience’s interest on Instagram, including firms that may be direct competitors. You may also utilize the advertising they click and the apps they use to determine their interests.
  • Behaviors: Use the actions people take on (and off) Instagram and Facebook to define an ad’s target audience. For instance, you may quickly retarget potential clients who have previously visited your website but have not made a purchase.
  • Audiences similar to your followers: Your followers are members of a distinct persona eager to receive your content (and hopefully buy your products). As a result, you can show advertising to people who are comparable to those who already follow you or have bought something from your website.

Additionally, Instagram provides automated targeting, allowing you to get a jump start on building an audience interested in your business.

#3. Use All the Visual Marketing Features on Instagram

As previously said, visual content allows shoppers to make more informed selections by providing more detailed information and photographs of the items they wish to purchase. However, this does not imply that you should simply upload photographs and videos of your products every day and call it a day.

Retailers are becoming far more strategic about how and where they promote to Instagram users. Furthermore, brands and merchants are producing better content on the site as a result of their focus on the proper Instagram sizes and features that people genuinely appreciate.

Overstock launched these video commercials as part of their brand repositioning efforts, and witnessed an 18% boost in return on ad spend and a 20% decrease in cost per click.

As a result, creating compelling content entails capturing the attention of buyers before they scroll or touch past your message.

Try these methods to get the most out of your Instagram content:

  • Use large text: Make it easy for people to read your message on their mobile devices by using large font. However, if you use too much, your ad may be rejected.
  • Be succinct: There’s no need to do your best Faulkner impression. Making your pitch 2 or 3 seconds into the commercial is the very last thing you want to do. You must provide the value prop right away.
  • Don’t go overboard with the design: The goal of your ad should be to blend in with the user’s content. It’s not always necessary to employ overly-designed information.
  • Establish a clear path: Users can review products on Instagram before proceeding to your website. To avoid any second-guessing, provide seamless and simple paths.

#4. Engage With Customers Where They Spend Their Time.

Every month, over 800 million individuals log on to Instagram, with over 500 million doing so every day. Instagram is a network to engage and connect with your base, and for companies and retailers, this is a network to engage and connect with your base.

This is significant because over 80% of all Instagram accounts follow at least one company. The visual network is ideal for brands that don’t want to be inundated with sales copy, promotions, and other forms of advertising.

In addition, Instagram discovered that 60% of users have discovered a new product on the platform. It is still the go-to place for discovering new products and learning about them. So, instead of wasting your time on Instagram, use it for what it was created for.

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#5. Build Up User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a critical component of establishing brand and product trust. Why? Because people have a higher level of trust in one another than they do in businesses.

Also, Instagram is not only a gold mine of user-generated content, but it’s also simple to get it created by your followers. Brands like Southwest promotes user-generated content provided by its devoted consumers on a daily basis.

It’s simple to solicit content with a hashtag to increase content and engage your fans. The best thing is that you can use the PowerReviews Visual and Social Suite to collect and display Instagram user-generated content to supplement your product pages with genuine consumer content.

#6. Reveals In-Depth Insights About Your Audience

We now know how critical it is to recognize and understand your target audience. And Instagram can help you figure out who they are, where they’re from, and what they enjoy and dislike.

For starters, participating in the online community allows you to learn more about these people. You can observe what others are talking about, their issues and challenges, as well as their joyful moments and everyday wins, by following prominent hashtags in your business.

Second, Instagram gives you valuable native insights into your followers and community. You may learn about your followers’ gender, age, location, and the times when they’re most active online using these Insights.

Finally, Instagram provides analytics so you can track your return on investment on the network. If you’ve ever utilized Facebook’s advertisements manager tool, you’ll be familiar with the type of extremely useful data it gives.

You can track reach, clicks, purchases, and conversions for each campaign and the total conversion value. You may also categorize this based on criteria like gender or geography.

#7. Constantly Updated Marketing Features Within Ads and Stories

Instagram is well aware that you want to increase product sales and brand recognition. They are aware of your objectives for improving your Instagram marketing plan, and the platform provides you with the means to achieve them.

Instagram, on the other hand, is aware of its users. They are aware of how consumers spend money on the internet. In fact, 42% of American women on Instagram stated they enjoy shopping and consider it a hobby.

That’s why major companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods excel at making it simple to click, search, and buy on Instagram. The social network built shopping and marketing experiences within its platform expressly to allow firms to advertise without interfering with the site’s functionality.

Simultaneously, running Instagram Story advertising allows you to quickly add links and product tag tags to discover more.

Because of the frequent updates specialized to businesses, this is one of the most popular places for retailers and manufacturers to promote their products.

Now, back to blocking you on Instagram.

Reasons Why Someone Might Block You on Instagram

People might block you on Instagram for several reasons, including:

  • Spamming their messages.
  • Tagging them in irrelevant posts.
  • Leaving inappropriate comments on their content.

If you’ve broken up with someone in real life, the other person may have blocked you so they can move on.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram: 6 Ways

Here are six ways on how to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

Looking at someone’s Instagram profile is the quickest way to know if they have blocked you. Use the Instagram search to look up their name or Instagram handle.

There will be three things that happen:

  1. In the case of public profiles, if you view the profile as well as the posts, you are not barred. Everything is good if you see the message ‘This Account is Private’ on the profile for private accounts.
  2. If you see your profile and post count, but the place where the posts are shown says “No posts,” you have been blocked.
  3. But, if the profile does not appear in the search, the user has either deactivated their account or blocked you. You must look into further proofs, as listed below, to confirm your suspicion.

#2. Check Profile

This is another way to know if they blocked you on Instagram; their past comments and tags remain on your profile. If you can’t find their profile through a search, you can utilize these old comments to find it. Yes, you have been blocked if your profile shows the post count without the posts.

#3. Utilize Instagram’s Username

You can view Instagram profiles using any browser by going to Replace the term username in the URL with the real username of the profile if you recall the username of the person who has blocked you (and I’m very sure you do).

If the individual has blocked you, you will receive the error ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available if you are logged in from your own profile.

There’s a tiny probability the person’s account has been deactivated. To be sure, log out of your Instagram account in your browser or switch to incognito mode and visit their profile using the link.

The news is accurate if the profile is available; however, if the profile does not open for them as well, you are OK. In addition, this is one of the ways to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

#4. Messages Will Disappear

When you block someone on Instagram, the chat thread for both parties is hidden. If you think someone is blocking you, go to Direct Messages (DM) and search for their chat thread.

You are not blocked if the chat thread exists. If it isn’t there, it’s conceivable that he/she has blocked you.

However, the person’s profile may have been disabled, and so the chat thread is absent.

You may double-check it by looking through popular Instagram groups. Create a group chat in which both of you are members. Yes, you are blocked if you can only see their profile in the group and not anywhere else on Instagram.

#5. Try Following Again

If you are able to read their profile, try following them by pressing the Follow option. You won’t be able to follow the individual if you’ve been blocked.

Tapping the Follow button will have no effect, and you will be presented with the identical button once more. They will not be notified by Instagram.

However, if they haven’t blocked you, pressing the Follow option will make you follow them, and Instagram will tell them. I realize it’s dangerous, but sometimes you have to go to extremes.

#6. Check From A Different Phone Or Profile

Finally, the most straightforward and pleasant method is to verify from a different account. If you have two Instagram accounts, go to the second one and open their profile. Also, if you only have one profile, have a close friend or family member look it up for you.

If the profile opens normally, it’s time to think about what you did wrong to cause the individual to block you.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram: Conclusion

Hope the above step will help you to know if someone blocked you on Instagram or not.

Do remember that if you aren’t able to see someone’s posts, they might have removed you from their follower list only. So do a double check before blaming them for blocking you.



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