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Elekwachi Splendour


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Elekwachi Splendour

Elekwachi Splendour

An outstanding designer, stylist, model, and fashion and lifestyle content creator, Mr. Splendour is the CEO of Sparks and Splendour Clothes - a fashion brand that boasts of works and high profile client base in Africa, the United States, and Europe.

He has worked with top celebrities, movie producers, and African Magic TV to create irresistible content in the field of fashion and entertainment.

The creative designer has also featured in different fashion magazines and articles, including The Claire Magazine, and Trendsetter Magazine to mention but a few.

Mr. Splendour is committed to leaving a lasting mark in the field of fashion by creating classy original designs and engaging content promoting fashion.

Trust to spot Mr. Splendour in a crowd with his impeccable dress sense.


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