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30 Unique Instagram Username Ideas For Inspiration

username ideas for instagram

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Instagram is used by different people for different purposes. Whatever use you want your Instagram page to serve, just make the most out of it by choosing the right username. Most people don’t know how to and that is why we’d be looking at some of the best username ideas for Instagram.

Making your page unique will give it the visibility that is, and will only be synonymous with your moniker, leaving a wide berth between you and competitors, especially if the page is for your brand.

However, even if your page is for your personal amusement or just where you link up with your friends, it’s worth putting in a little work and getting the best possible username.

So stick with me as we explore some of the best username ideas for Instagram. We will also answer some of you’d have, like…

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Why Your Instagram Username Is Important?

It’s simple: your Instagram username is significant because Instagram is significant. In fact, for businesses and brands, Instagram is perhaps the most significant social media network. This is our reason for saying so.

Instagram has one billion monthly active users, with 90% of those users following at least one business or brand. That means at least 900 million Instagram users connect with brands and businesses on a monthly basis… and we haven’t even discussed Instagram ads!

These Instagram users will find your posts in their timelines, search for your account, and share your material with friends using the username associated with your Instagram account.

Additionally, the first impression people get when they see your page matters and stays with them forever. It is this first impression that will determine to a large extent if they will stick with your page or not.

These Instagram users will find your posts in their timelines, search for your account, and share your material with friends using the username associated with your Instagram account.

Furthermore, it will be many people’s first impression of your account, and it will be closely linked to your business or brand as a whole.

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How To Know A Good Instagram Username

Here are a few things that make your Instagram username good enough:

  • Relevant: Your username must be something that is easily attributed to your brand. It should speak your brand!!
  • Special: It should be special, and not just because Instagram requires it, but because it makes you different. However, this is also important because unique usernames are easier to remember.

Harmonious: Your username should fit in with your brand’s image, persona, copy, content… whatever it is you produce. If your brand is known for being serious, it’s probably best if you skip the funny username.

Instagram Username Ideas

First and foremost, what is the purpose of your profile? Is it to socialize with friends, or are you trying to start a small business? What kind of Instagram username and ideas you should pick will most likely be determined by the aim of your account.

If you just want to use Instagram to communicate with your friends and family, for example, you should choose a username that includes your name. You’ll want your brand to appear someplace if you’re a small firm.

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Ideas For Instagram Usernames

If you’re creating an Instagram personal profile, the best place to begin is with your name. This will make it easy for people to find you when they search for you.

Nevertheless, it’s not always as simple as typing @FranSmalls and calling it a day. If you’re new to Instagram, your whole name is very certainly already taken, so you definitely have to do more than that.

Below are some of the ways you can ensure your username is unique.

  1. Add any middle initials you might have like @FrandSmalls
  2. Use of special characters like @Frank_Smalls
  3. Go old-school, attach a number at the end of your handle, like @FrankSmalls76
  4. If you have a nickname, use it. Example: @FrankieSmalls
  5. You can swap some letters around like @SmallsFrank
  6. You can use words that rhyme with your name like @FrankSmallBalls
  7. If you have a favorite flower, pet, or color? You can add it to your username like @PurpleSmalls
  8. Speak another language? Pick a word you like in a different language that means something significant, or you feel represents who you are, and use this as part of your handle

In the same vane, your brand page should also be your brand name. It should be sweet and interesting, yet very compelling and professional.

While you want to capture people’s attention with your username, you also don’t want them to think you’re unserious. You can achieve this with the right username, therefore think seriously about it, and ensure your brand name can fit into it.

Fitting your brand name makes it easy for people to find you through search. However, it’s possible that your brand name has been, in this case, you will have to be more creative.

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What To Do If Your Business Name Is Taken

If your business name has already been chosen, do not fret, It’s a problem a lot of people face while setting up an account. However, there are ways around it, and we will show you!!.

Here are some username ideas to make your brand Instagram page unique according to

  • Add your location at the end of the brand name. This allows locals to easily recognize your account (e.g., @plantshopedinburgh).
  • Add elements that are unique to your brand. If your store is located at 5 Drummond Street, you might make your name @5DrummondPlantShop.
  • Add keywords. By adding search terms that connect your business to the industry you operate in, you’ll be increasing your reach on Instagram (e.g., @gardenersinedinburgh).
  • Incorporate related terms or concepts. This will help increase the likelihood that your username will be available while making sure it stays relevant to the products or services you provide (e.g., @plantshopgardencenter).
  • Add prefixes or suffixes. Adding a prefix or suffix to your business name is a great way to get a username that’s pretty close, even if someone has already claimed your exact name (e.g., @theplantshop or @plantshopofficial).

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30 Unique Instagram Username Ideas For Inspiration

Below are some of the best Instagram username ideas for brands:

  1. @metaphorsolutions
  2. @brunotasmania
  3. @houseoffiberglass
  4. @indooremployment
  5. @cartoonshore
  6. @airwaystream
  7. @rosadba
  8. @alfatonight
  9. @notabrand
  10. @imperialchandelier
  11. @toolwarehouse
  12. @holdsalice
  13. @missagreeing
  14. @brandpasta
  15. @iconicolas

Here are some of the best Instagram username ideas:

  1. @eatingaroundtheworld
  2. @julesontour
  3. @pinchofsalt
  4. @weworewhat
  5. @lustforlife
  6. @secretsofacontentmanager
  7. @wineandwhine
  8. @themummydiaries
  9. @soyouwanttotalkabout
  10. @candidcaptures
  11. @lifeofasocialmediamanager
  12. @doyouevenlift
  13. @whatsthetea
  14. @influencersinthewild
  15. @theressomethingaboutmary


The right username will give you the visibility you need for people to see and share your content on Instagram. If it’s for your brand, it’s important you choose something people can relate to easily and something they can remember.

The same applies to your personal pages. If you choose the right username, you have solved some of the issues most Instagram users face and are on your way to optimal visibility.

We hope this article was helpful in helping you decide what your next Instagram name would be. Good luck!!



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