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This year’s event will host an audience of about 2,000 participants who cut across various professions; lawyers, doctors, engineers, nurses, secondary school leavers, undergraduates, graduates, job seekers, employers, politicians, musicians, artists, thespians, teachers, bloggers, police officers, soldiers, etc who are mostly between the ages of 16 – 41 years.

Apart from making impact and contributing to the success of the SMFest event,, all sponsoring companies will enjoy significant exposure and access to an audience of over 1,700 and the general public.

The logos and name of all sponsors will be displayed on the promotional posters before and during the event, as well as on our website, social media handles and blog posts.

All sponsoring companies will enjoy the following benefits based on their sponsorship category;


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The Deck explains all the sponsorship packages, all there is in patnering with SMFEST, covenaer goodwill message to the sponsors, and terms & cionditions involved in coming on board



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