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SMFEST is a platform that teaches its audience how to leverage the power of technology, social media, and innovation to advance their businesses, brands, and causes, by providing ideas, exposure, and insights that help people and businesses understand how to explore all the advantages of digitalization.

SMFest is driven by 3 main goals;

  1. To create a physical space for an army of young persons on social media.
  2. To utilize the forum to advance diverse creativities in the technological industry and other careers.
  3. To reinforce positive values as a strategy for combating crime and deviance.

To build a community of creatives who maximize technology and social media to grow productivity, visibility, and influence, thus reducing deviant behaviors in society.


Convener's speech -AJAH EXCEL

It is fair to conclude that the conference is a huge success! And it’s all thanks to you. So many people have contributed in so many ways to turn this event into a smooth running one with lots of interesting teachings, and a good atmosphere for discussion and networking.
But first, I owe so much gratitude to my team and all the volunteers for pushing this vision with
me to change the deleterious narrative that has enveloped the citizens of Imo state, particularly
I thank all the sponsors for their generosity and interest in the conference. Thank you for trusting
us with your brand, and believing in our vision.
To the most intellectual speakers, this event wouldn’t be worth so much without all of your brilliant inputs. We can’t say if we’ve really started the change we seek, but we can say that the impact of SMFestOwerri 2021 lies in the ideas you’ve shared with everyone of us today. For this,I am grateful.
To you the participants, thank you for gracing us with your presence. The success of this event
is equally tied to you.

Like I said at the beginning of the event, SMFest Owerri was all just a puzzle laid bare before
us, in dire need of frameworks and more flesh.But as we put in effort and time, we were able to
create the big picture we’ve all seen here today.

Now, as we look forward to the next edition, the idea is once again laid bare, scattered, ill- defined, and somewhat vague.
But we are not discouraged. We did it now and we would do it again. In fact, we will keep innovating until Zion comes to our city.
So once again I want to say thank you to our esteemed speakers, sponsors, volunteers,
participants, and vendors. We hope to see you in next year’s edition. Have a pleasant evening.
Connect, Innovate, and Grow…

SMFest is more than an event, it’s an experience of a lifetime. Here’s proof.

Review from 2021 Speakers

It was an honour being part of this move in the south eastern part of Nigeria, sharing value and connecting with other facilitators. Speaking to over 1200 youths and over 400 during the Masterclass was a great way to spend the day! Awesome, is an understatement! Well done to the organisers, partners, speakers and everyone who attended Social Media Fest Owerri 2021.
Victoria Nwanna
Community Builder
I was in Owerri to facilitate one of the sessions of #SMFest2021, “Novice to Pro Blogger.” In that session, I taught those in my workshop everything that helped me to move from a struggling blogger to a pro blogger who’s earning a full-time income blogging.
Emmanuel Emenike
7 Figyre blogger
When I got the invitation to speak at the event, I thought it would be an audience of about 500 - 700 young people. I was so wrong! When I entered the hall, there were thousands of people in the room. I shared my story genuinely and confidently. To God be my glory. I am super grateful to @smfest.official for the opportunity to share my journey with their audience of young people. I had such a fun time!
Aramide Kayode
I want to say a very good big thank you to the organizers of the Social media fest 2021. It was indeed an honor to share my knowledge and I won't stop sharing when the need arises again.
Aunty Ada
Social Media Influencer
I had the opportunity to speak to over 1000 young men and women in Owerri Imo State at the SOCIAL MEDIA FEST "THE BIG PICTURE" #smfest2021. I spoke on how you can avail yourself of the several opportunities in the entertainment industry. A very enlightening time it was and I totally enjoyed myself doing it, Sharing same stage with other wonderful facilitators whom i also got to learn a lot from, was a humbling experience. Thank you for having me guys. WE MEUVE!!!!!!!!
Michael Uba
It was indeed an event and I’m super grateful to God I was honored to be not just a speaker but also a participant. Learning from people who actually know their craft and learning from their experience and wealth of knowledge was amazing. I can say from last weekend I became more knowledgeable. Thank you SMFEST Owerri.
Bolaji Ajibare
Social Media Oga


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