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Vendors Form

Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions outline some guidelines that will enable us to have a wonderful experience as a vendor at SMFest.

By filling out the Vendor’s Form, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Only fill out the vendor’s form if you agree to take all the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Please read this agreement carefully to ensure that you understand each provision.


Please note that a stand is secured only when payment is completed. Business logos will be requested after payment. Kindly make your logo available.

N/B: Payments are Non-refundable.

Vendor’s Stand

Vendor’s stands are allocated based on a first-come, first-serve model except for the front stand which is being paid for exclusively.

Vendors are expected to set up early and within the communicated time frame.

Vendors cannot bring in another vendor friend to sell alongside them.


Product Sale

Vendors are to sell only products indicated on the form and will not be allowed to sell products not included in the form at SMFest. Kindly ensure you list out all the products you intend to sell.

Furthermore, vendors are not permitted to sell water as the SMFest team will be in charge of all water sales.

Product pricing

Vendors are mandated not to exceed a 30% profit margin in their pricing. The team will monitor this and the defaulter’s stand will be closed after 2 warnings.

Table & Chairs

Vendors are entitled to 2 tables and 8 chairs which should be left in good condition after use. Any damage made to the table or chairs will lead to replacement.

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